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The apartments are subject to rent control meaning that they are often below sublet market price. Due to the lower price the demand for these apartments are very high and, unless you have been a member of the housing queues for several years, the apartments are very hard to get. SSSB is the largest student accommodation landlord in Stockholm. You should register on their housing queue list as soon as possible, since the waiting time is about 200-300 days.

Stockholm housing queue

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Valid from 2020-01-01 . Table of contents Sweden’s housing shortage has now reached a new record for the capital city of Stockholm where 636,000 people are in the queue for municipal housing with only a mere 85 vacant properties available. The figures are much the same across Sweden with a total of nearly a million people in municipal housing queues in Sweden’s three largest cities, Stockholm, Malmö, and Gothenburg Swedish Tips for accommodation hunters. 1.

Below are websites with housing advertisements that we recommend. You may have to pay a small fee to be able to access the information.

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2. Be active in your search. For an idea of just how long those queues can be, in the Swedish capital, the number of people waiting to rent an apartment from Stockholm's Housing Agency (Bostadsförmedlingen) grew by almost 40,000 last year – and there are now almost 580,000 waiting to find an apartment through that method (although not everyone in the queue is Anyone who is over 18 and with a Swedish personal identification number is entitled to join the queue to be allocated a first-hand rental contract. The rent is capped, with the average cost of renting an apartment in Stockholm around SEK 6,500.

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Stockholm housing queue

Call our switchboard at +46 200 22 72 00, email us at info.regionstockholm@sbbnorden.se or Stockholm housing agency Bostads förmedlingen offers housing in the Stockholm area, mostly in first-hand contracts. You need a Swedish personal number in order to register. If you’re not in hurry or planning to live in Stockholm for several years, this might be an alternative. The queueing time varies between 5 and 20 years depending on the There is however a considerable housing shortage in Stockholm. Therefore, during the autumn semester we generally can only offer accommodation to the prioritized groups, which are exchange students from partner universities and master students with a scholarship from Stockholm … Last year, the National Board of Planning and Housing said housing equivalent to a new Stockholm must be built every five years. It said 440,000 new homes needed to be built by 2020, at an average of 88,000 per year.32 The increased construction has stimulated economic growth, helping Sweden’s economy tick along at a higher rate than many of its fellow European countries. Housing Shortage: 636,000 Stockholm Residents in Housing Queue, Only 85 Vacancies.

The housing queue  Subscribe to rental apartments in Stockholm · First hand contracts.
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A record number of people in the Stockholm public housing queue means waiting times of many years. There are almost half a million people registered 2017-08-16 · “The trend has been going on for a long time.

The Stockholm Housing Agency (Bostadsförmedlingen) acts as an agent, helping you to find vacant rental apartments in the Stockholm region. Apartments are allocated on the basis of the time spent in the housing queue.
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Long term rentals in Sweden - Bostadshub

There will be no viewing of this apartment. Please look at the floor-plan to help you decide if you want to apply for this apartment.

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Generally speaking, you will need a longer queue time for an apartment in the city centre or surrounding suburbs than you will for housing further outside central Stockholm. Housing queues in Stockholm. There are two main student housing queues in Stockholm: the Stockholm Housing Agency (Stockholms stads bostadsförmedling) and Stiftelsen Stockholms Studentbostäder (SSSB).